The other side 23


Julie charged at Bernice but it was of no use, Bernice was way too powerful; with a quick force field she sent Julie metres backwards. Jack suddenly bold, but it was of no use either, she held him against the wall and threw him towards the same direction.

Julie was not ready to give this up, she charged at Bernice again but Bernice had taken off, soon the apartment went silent with Jack and Julie  pacing breathlessly.

“Favour is gone?”

…is it a sin?? (trauma) episode 7

Mrs. Chioma sat in the sitting room reading the daily newspaper. Obinna was busy with a drawing using his drawing board, pencil, ruler and a sheet of A4 paper as his apparatus. Chiamaka is also busy watching a movie from the decoder. Nnena was in the kitchen cleaning the utensils. They whole house is as silent as a grave yard. Chiamaka broke the silent.
“Mummy, I want to dr

…is it a sin?? (trauma) episode 6

Voom! A Venza 2017 Model, beautifully pimped, arch in colour whizzed into the compound swiftly, Mrs. Chioma went out to welcome the August visitors. Lo and behold they are Mrs. Chioma children, a young, cute and handsome boy, I guess his age can’t transcend 13-15 years old, and a beautiful young girl, she took after Mrs. Chioma in appearance and her age can’t exceed 16-18 years old. They just came back from United State of America for vacation. They school in United State of America, and I 

…is it a sin?? (trauma) episode 5

We embarked on the journey to Lagos. The Slave Dealer rode on his beautiful white horse, we (slaves) were plodding heavily, and his guards were trampling professionally with a very long whip on each of the guards hand, they were beating us as if we stole something costly and expensive from our boss (the slave trader), despite the fact that we are plodding and leaden heavily, different goods were backpacked on our backs like that of a camel or donkey, the guards were still insinuating that we are not walking fast as expected despite the heavy loads they loaded on our 

…is it a sin?? (trauma)

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