The woman I know

There is a woman I know,

Who always keeps her head up high

Her eyes sparkle like the bright star

She has the stamina, beauty,

That courage one would admire

The love and happiness she inspires

A woman that sees no wrong

Her beauty shines from inside out

It flows like a journey

Down a long route

Her smiles, like the sun rising over the horizon

Her intelligence, not surprising

Who goes an extra mile

From my heart❤

A million stars up in the sky

One shines brighter I can’t deny

A love so precious a love so true

A love that comes from me to you

I am you, you are me

We are bonded in ways words can’t define

The angels sing when you are near

The flower blossoms to rhythm your scent

You miss them, but you don’t need them.

Sure, you spend the majority of your day thinking about them. You spend hours at work, thinking about their lips and their hands and their face. You spend your lunch break missing the way they wrapped their arms around you even when you weren’t cold. And then you spend your nights tossing and turning, wishing so desperately that they were beside you. That they were with you now.