Moon Walker

Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Fantasy

Language: English

Prize: 500

Number of words: 46668
Description: How would you feel if you had so much power that makes you feel cheated in life? How would you feel if your dreams were cut short because of a sudden responsibility heaped on your shoulders?
A prophecy foretold the reign of an all powerful tyrant “Gaza” who would enslave and terrorize the entire clan of the moon elites and it’s environs.
And goes on to foretell a Savior, who would conquer this tyrant and unite the people back in peace.
Sara, never imagined that the powers she sees as a curse, is actually the hope of the world and equally the desire of many.
She never fathomed her life would be the hunt of every supernatural who had thrist for powers and Authority.
She kissed her normal life goodbye and watched her dreams go down the drain, when she discovers she is a savior to an entire clan of the moon elites, planet earth and virtually the whole world.
Though, her powers are great and infinite. But her enemies are not to be toyed with. They don’t just want her dead, but desire her powers to conquer the world.
she falls in love with the son of her immortal enemy “Arthur” But soon discovers the sacred rule that forbids her to love a man, with consequences of death!
How tough it gets, when she faces werewolves, vampires, demons, creptones and all supernatural beast of different terrifying thirst for blood and power. In her adventure, would she succeed? and when it comes to a path to choose; would she choose love over the mission? find out in Moon Walker. A story with intense war, battles, powers unleashed, romance and love!
Some Comments on Moon Walker
oghenefaith :The book is a bomb! I jus felt like I was watching a movie! U r truly a born writer! More grace sir!
perpetual 44: Oh my God! the book is simply the best! God bless you,nyc work I was laughing and crying at some point, full of action!
Angelbae4: I really don’t know what to say, like this story is one of the best I have ever read.
Eclatmay: The book kept me hooked till the very end. Full of suspense and lots of action! This is great, I enjoyed every bit.

Would Sara succeed in this mission?

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Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Romance

Prize: #200

Language: English

Description: Binah finds herself falling for the son of her worst enemy. One that she has sworn to destroy. What then happens, when she discovers her worst enemy is her father. Find out in Entangled

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Life Of A Celebrity

Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Action, thriller,romance

Prize: #0 (free)

Language: English

Description: Do celebrities hurt? Yes they do. And you’ll find that despite the perfect life we think they have got, they still cry behind closed doors. Eve is thrown into the world of the celebrities, where she passes thru the bitter chord and becomes a bitter soul in search for vengeance. Life of a celebrity is action packed, suspense filled, and would keep you glued till the very end.

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Author: Onyeneke Abel
Category: Fiction
Language: English
Description: My name is Nadia Serena and I am a professional cook. But before I got to this point in my life, I’ll have to disclose something to you; I got divorced after a week of a marriage well planned for four years! yea funny right? and I guess you want to know the reason why…Ease up now, I am here to tell you; I made a dish that landed my husband in an hospital! My life took a new turn afterwards, I dropped my career as a doctor to run after a whole new career, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to have vengeance on those who kicked me out like thrash (I wouldn’t blame them though) but still, I wanted to prove to them that I can actually cook. I enrolled in a food academy! I know you are happy for me, but things didn’t really go as planned, I found myself in a battle for power, Authority and a battle for the throne. Common now, lets read and travel this adventure together. But first, you must promise not to laugh!
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Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Erotic

Tag: Erotic, Adventure, romance, thriller.

No of words: 25,000

Prize: 400

Reader’s discretion: 18+
Description: She is a sculpture figure, the viand to men’s eyes…Bread to their soul…A epitome of beauty; her inveigle skills are untold of, she virtually gets whatever and whoever she pleases.

Violet spears is a lady who believes in quick money, and she knows just how to get it.

Her beauty plus her seduction skills, paved ways for her. She aims at influential Politicians and Business tycoons and guess what? She eventually succeeds with lots of money to squander.

And then, she gets greedy. she wants to have it all, she wants to rule with the richest man in the City.

It all seems fine and successful at first, but what happens when she is locked behind bars and   exposed to a risk of spending the rest of her life in jail?

It’s classy, it’s adventurous, it’s Erotic and yes! It will give you the thrill!

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