Onyeneke Abel

Why you shouldn’t use your phone on the toilet

Go on admit it, there’s a good chance you’re reading this article on the toilet.

Whether it’s falling down an Instagram rabbit hole or catching up on the latest Twitter debate (the one about how many towels we should own was particularly divisive), us Brits are never far from our smartphones, so much so that we even take them with us when we go to the loo.


Simra had succeeded in convincing Kara that she was left behind, her parents grew tired of her liabilities, they had to leave her in the care of the refuge, it would be too dangerous if she lives in the open world.
It’s been seven years and Kara is more of a teen who has been ostracized by every other teenager.

Meeting someone when you are already with someone else

Sometimes it just happens: as random and as unexpected as Life sometimes have a way of interrupting your planned journey.
You are already in a relationship and like all relationships there are ups and downs, but you guys are already in it for years. Arguments occur but they get patched up and made up, sooner or later.