Onyeneke Abel

The other side 14

The gatekeeper is the keeper of the gates, hunter of lost souls. Link to the other side”
He didn’t get the explication.

“I meant what the gatekeeper has to do with this…?”

“She armed Siera with the whip”

Favour continued, examining Julie closely.

“And what is that supposed to do?”

“Wipe Julie of existence, she is still here because the whip barely touched her. But you see this dark hole, once it spreads, she’ll wash off”

Forgive me Mother

I could hear the whispers and the words, that he(the priest) mumbled; and how he got the bows and solemn reply of the scanty gathering of friends and families. She was gone, finally gone; I should be at least relieved, it’s what I had always wanted, that she disappears from existence and quit pestering me.

She was my step mother(Joanne), one that one would easily denote(she is evil). 

The other side 12

Julie was burning with wrath, she felt like strangling Siera to death, if only that were possible, Bernice would surely prevent her from doing that. At an instance she thought of what challenge Bernice might throw at her, she got a little scared, but no, she wasn’t going to give this up…she won’t let the fear get in the way.