The Clouds darkened to blood, a strange wind began to revolve that everyone had to step backward.
“Step back!”
Both Simon and Grodd called in unison when they saw the whirlwind that revolved around Kara and Jason.
Kara was full of a mixture of hurt and anger. This was not the first fight they had in the arena, it was a fight built on love, but this fight subsisted it. It was fueled by hate and anguish. A thunderstorm began to drum from the skies as Jason began to harness his dark powers to breathe fire.
He began to build fire with his grip. He couldn’t help himself, he had to do this, he had sworn an oath he had to honor.
“Please Kara, step out of the way, I don’t want to hurt you”
Jason beckoned one last time but kara would not be compelled.
“I think I should be the one telling you that Jason, you don’t want to get hurt”
Grodd was getting irritated at the delay. He yelled at Jason
“Kill the girl, you oaf!”
Jason swung into action, he built a whirlwind of fire and sent it towards Kara. Kara took two steps backward and stood her ground. She slowed time and split the first in half, remolded it into a sword and sent it back to Jason. Jason was quick, he dodged and sped to Kara’s back. But before he made an attempt Kara swiveled and caught his arm. He teleported away from her grip and gathered every weapon he could find with his mind. He made sure he had enough before he sent them at kara. Kara stopped them with her mind, and reduced them to dust! She drew Jason to her grip with her mind but Jason was powerful enough to break free. He twisted her arm from his neck and whipped her with force. She staggered backward, made a quick turn and sent an energy blast back at Jason. It smashed Jason and sent him meters away with a full force that he crashed into a tree.
He got angry now and slowly he began to release the beast as he walked back towards kara. His eyes went red, his fangs and teeth began to take another shape. Kara could not believe her eyes, was this Jason? A beast? A demon? How could she had fallen in love with a demon! Within seconds a beast roared with wrath and began to summon every demon on the planet! Demons began to creep out of every nook and cranny! The ground began to vibrate, Grodd’s army doubled with the help of numerous demons of a different kind!
“All hail Zelda!”
They roared and stooped to worship him!
Simra knew this was a battle Kara can not win on her own, she was down in the tomb already. Hastily she opened up Sara, Arthur, and Sally. She fed them with the awakening spell but it didn’t seem to work.
“Oh no, come on Sara, you have to wake up”
She grumbled as she did all she could.
Simon could see it was the end, this was Zelda, the king of every demon, surely the refuge stood no chance.
“Kara, fall back!”
He cried out but Kara would not.
She went meta; her eyes and hair glowed white as lightning crept to her arms. Soon her staff cleaved to her right hand and a force field stood around her.
Jason inhaled deeply and made a call to his Rakshasa. Within seconds the immortal demon stood beside him and gnashed his fangs together
“Here I am lord, at your service”
It said with blood-filled eyes.
“You want the city wiped out?”
It asked ready to feed on them.
“No, get me the girl, alive!”
He pointed at kara and without hesitation, the Rakshasa charged at Kara.

Moon Walker 2

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