Silence prevailed until a plump blacksmith stood up in the crowd and made a scream so loud that the crowd roared.
Simon instructed the bell be rang for a quick break and then made a sign for a quick elders meeting.
“We just lost the best defenders of the refuge”
Elias pointed out immediately they were all seated.
“And we just gained one who is better than them all”
Philip, one of the elders, known for his righteous deeds spoke up. His words definitely brought smiles to Simra’s lips.
“Simon, all we need to do is train this kid, she would be unstoppable, like Simra saw, a war is coming, this kid is our best chance”
Philip continued.
“Simon let’s not forget that we’ve not been good to Kara, how can you tell she won’t turn on us, maybe all this is just a facade, so when we trust he she strikes!”
No one was surprised Elias spoke that way, he was totally ignored.
“Let’s finish this competition, and then we would have our defenders raised with these kids, they all have special abilities”
Simon rounded it up and appeared back in the arena.
“Alright, elites! The competition continues!”
The crowd roared, the excitement was real that some rented their clothes to express how they felt to

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