What will you do in my case

It’s was just a Monday evening, when some of my friends just called me to come flex with them that a friend of ours just hit a million Naira from bet9ja, by placing six teams on a straight draw and it happened that they all played draw…

So we went to a nice bar, just to cool down with some hot pepper soup and some chill wine, so one of us suggest we go lodge in a nearby hotel that he just order some runs girl to come to have nice time with us, so we just got to the hotel chilling with a red wine not wanting to get high because we already took some alcohol before we got there, so I told my guys I want to have some rest they can send in my own girl, so not quite long, i heard a knock on my phone and to my surprise, i opened the door to see the runs girl and I found out it was my girlfriend that I so much love and we have been together for good three years, what should I do at this juncture, am seriously confused

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