Life phenomenon Episode 12

As I left for my hostel, I saw a missed call and lo and behold it was from Amarachi,I was surprised and excited as I saw it,I hurriedly called her back but to my surprise it was a masculine voice I heard from the other end”Hello Mr man”
“Emm…hello,pls give the phone to marachi’ I said.
‘E b like say u don dey craze o!U call my babe con dey disturb ham u dey say make I give phone to her,who u b sef !” he yelled at me.
I was so angry Amarachi could allow a thug have a conversation with me because I was so sure she knew about it,I made up my mind not to disturb her again and I moved on without looking back.
I graduated from university and found a decent job which I managed with, that was then I met my Felicia which my mum has being uncomfortable with her barrenness.
I and my wife had gone to the hospital and were told that we are fit and stable and in no time will have our kids.
We prayed to God about it and I personally begged for forgiveness of sin because I know within me that I had done a lot of wrong thing to ladies, as Amarachi and Felicia were friends too I was forced to tell her the truth about what had happened between us(me and amarachi),as an ex girlfriend to me and what I did to her.
surprisingly she told me her friend(Amarachi) had told her about it earlier and I felt more relieved.
Amarachi and her husband left for oversee and I found out her friend Lilian got married as a second wife to one famous politician which got her pregnant,now I thought of how God does his work, my wife who is decent and not as bad as Lilian hasn’t gotten pregnant neither will she have a child, this kept me more worried.

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