Knowing your skin type [Sophia Nadia]


So yeah, I know what you want, that glowing Nicki Minaj’s skin you see on TV, you’ve tried all possible means to beat that glow and become even better at it. But you failed 🤦‍. 

Okay don’t stop there, now you don’t want all the glow and the radiating Melanin, you just want a little of it but yet the cream that appeared so expensive and authentic has caused a lot of damage to your skin. 

Now hold on, don’t give it up yet, let’s take a walk back to the beginning, where you got it all wrong. There is something important you need to consider vigorously before you use any product. You need to first consider the type of skin you’ve got.
Having a clear, healthy and glowing skin like I  have always said goes beyond what products you use, although it plays a vital role but not entirely. 

Knowing your skin type will help you know what works for you and vice versa, Many a times we complain that our products aren’t working well probably because that particular product isn’t so good for your skin and so in return it gives you acne, spots and so many other irritating skin problems. 

There are basically Four skin types:


 I like to refer to this as the magical skin, because it’s a well balanced and a healthy skin called EUDERMIC 


this type of skin lacks the ability to produce sebum compared to the normal skin, so anything you put on your skin will eventually dry out because it builds up a protective shield against external influence.


This is the direct opposite of the dry skin, this produces Excess sebum, it comes with large pores (I’ll explain what that means in my next study) it’s referred to as SEBORRHOEA 


As the name implies it’s a mix of all the Skin type. 

PS: I don’t know everything, am subject to correction.

I really hope this was helpful if yes 

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