Kara was a little scared but her connection to Zara made her confident, she felt every ounce of it’s strength, she knew what move it could make, how fast it could fly, it was like her being with wings.

“Bring her down!”

Friya called out, it turned out that she had a team of her own who had been instructed to bring down Kara.

Kara turned to see arrows coming at her. She touched her dragone and it teleported out of the way, a few unfortunate co-racers were not so lucky, the arrows brought them down, they fell into the mist, no one could tell where they fell off to, it was assumed they were lost forever.

Jason rode towards her and screamed to her.

“Shield up!”

She look to him and discovered his dragone had some iron armour all over it, she wondered how he could accomplish that.

_can we do that?_

She questioned her dragone, it replied her with a positive roar and so see screamed.

“Alright Zara shield up!”

Instantly a white tainted armour emerge from under it’s skin and clothed it’s body and that of kara’s…

“Now that’s better, watch your back Kara”

Jason said as he took another turn into the cloud mist…

Kara wasn’t scared of the arrows that came at her anymore, her shield was impenetrable until she felt her connection with Sara go faint.

_Whats happening mum? I can barely hear you_

She lamented as she took Zara through a dark mist into the sky.

_You are no longer in the refuge Kara so…_

It was all she heard before Sara’s voice faded off. It was just her and Zara now.

“We can do this Zara!”

She gathered her wits together and flew back to the war front.

Energy forces flew everywhere in the sky, and it seemed she was the primary target, although her shield was Impenetrable it didn’t stop Friya from trying to bring her down.

“Zara, where are we?”

Kara questioned when she noticed beneath her was all filled with water, like a lake. She had never had in the history of a lake up in the sky.

Every racer held their peace as they sought a way out of their present bulwark.

“Look out!”

A kid screamed and watched as a giant beast swallowed up a racer leaving the spill of blood fresh on his clothes.

Within seconds Kara watched as many others got eaten up, their dragone were not left out.

“What the hell is happening? Where are we?”
“The dark desert Kara!”

Jason flew to stay beside her.

“How do we get out?”
“I don’t know Kara, we can neither go forth nor backwards, we are stuck here!”

Jason revealed the bitter truth.
“So what? we just stay here and be eaten alive? There is surely a way out, we just…”
“Kara watch out!”

Jason screamed out when he saw a beast coming at her. Too late, the beast swallowed her up, but not for long, soon the belly of the beast began to heat up! Suddenly an explosion of energy blew the belly of the beast to bits as Kara sprang out with her dragone! Her eyes oozed of dark energy. Soon every beast got attracted to the energy oozing out of her system.

Kara was quick, she turned and held the beast with her mind. It drew the attention of many more but she was equal to the task! Her hair and her eyes shone white, the force field around her glowed with darkness.

“What the hell, Kara is a priestess?”

The racers questioned as they witness Kara tore every beast apart.

Zara released a sword into her grip from it’s armour. She tore every beast apart even one which charged at Friya!

She stood on the back of Zara to stop the beasts but unfortunately one was able to get to Jason.


She screamed!

“Zara go!”

She commanded her Dragone and rode into the belly of the beast!

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