‘Hello’!I heard the feminine voice from the line.
‘Yes?’who am I speaking with please?I replied,since I didn’t know who was on the line and she didn’t make use of her number.
‘Oh!Sorry,it’s miss Lilian on the line. ‘She responded’
‘Oh..Lilian what’s up with you?’I replied in surprise.
She asked if I was at home and I was amazed on why she asked,’was she going to come over at such hour of the day’?I thought to myself since it was dark already.
I told her I was home and she said she would be with me soon,I didn’t know whether I was to be happy or surprised because I didn’t plan for it and she was already getting funny by trying to come over at such an odd hour.
I just kept calm on the sofa and awaits what will come next with my singlet and boxers on.
I really didn’t have any intention of doing anything funny that night because I didn’t plan for it and wasn’t expecting any visitor,in fact I was already planning to sleep after my dinner.
As I was about picking up my phone to call her to ask if she was serious about her coming but was putting me on a suspense then I heard a knock on the door!
‘Who’s at the door’?I asked..
‘Open the door it’s Lilian’ the voice responded almost immediately, as if she was in a haste.
I opened the door and found Lilian standing at the door with her mini gown not even long to her knees,I stood there looking perplexed and carried away when her voice brought me back to my senses.
She was looking astonishing with her mini red gown,revealing her fair sexy laps even the bra top was exposing her body.
I didn’t know what to say because I was dumbfounded with the way she packaged herself to my place it was as if her motive was to tempt me and already knew my thought towards her.
‘Why such look?am I looking that bad?she brought me back to my senses with her voice.
‘Well, i’m just surprised you can still make it tonight’ I tried to defend myself.
She only smiled and sat down,I asked for what she would want me to get her but she rejected the offer saying she’s not a guest nor visitor.
I understood with her and let her be as i went inside to get my singlet i found Lilan lying down on the chair naked,I was shocked to the marrow on seeing her in such manner.
I tried opening my mouth to speak but the words weren’t coming forth.
‘Uhn?what’s this Lilian?,, This isn’t right,I tried to pretend.
All of a sudden I heard her burst into laughter.
You think your flirts with me are right too?’she replied moving forward to where I stood.

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