Life Phenomenon Episode 6

That fateful day,she came over to my house with Lilian and decided to make us a meal that day,she suggested she take her friend along to the market to buy some foodstuffs but I disagreed and asked her to be left alone so that I can have a company to talk to and she reluctantly accepted since she trusted me which I really appreciated and decided to carry out my plans with Lilian,seeing her as a free lady I started a conversation with her.
‘My baby, how are you?I started with flirting with her.
She giggled and reply,”don’t implicate me o!I’m not your baby please ”
I changed my facial expression and replied her,”Why?do you hate me?”I sounded like I felt rejected.
“No oo at all bikonu,I just felt its improper for you to call me by that,since you are my friend’s boyfriend if she hears you calling me that,what do you expect her to say or think?” She replied me.
I smiled,getting where she was driving at then I replied her.
“Its nothing dear,we are now in a global age,nothing is impossible,even calling you baby is very little of all’
Her response was dull as it looked like I was pestering her, so I let her be and we changed topic to something very different,not too long Amarachi came in and they both went to the kitchen to make lunch.After making the lunch, we were all set to eat when Amarachi excused herself to make a call leaving me and her friend on the table, we both ate in silence as I was taking glances at her which made her uncomfortable,I didn’t care about how she felt all I know was to make her respond to my flirts but was giving wrong signs.
Amarachi came in after we were almost done with the meal and I had to leave them both to watch football in a game center, I told Amarachi and she got mad at me for giving her such short notice,she nagged and nagged but I did my best to plead and she later accepted when I told her I wasn’t going to take long.

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