Simra had succeeded in convincing Kara that she was left behind, her parents grew tired of her liabilities, they had to leave her in the care of the refuge, it would be too dangerous if she lives in the open world.
It’s been seven years and Kara is more of a teen who has been ostracized by every other teenager. They were scared of her not because she flaunted any supernatural powers but because her eyes were outlandishly dark. They nicknamed her the weak devil; the weak devil because Simra had succeeded in constraning her powers with thousands of canvan bracelet heated and made into a necklace.
“Never take this off my child, it would protect you from unseen harm”
She had always reminded Kara.
The teachers in every class of the supernatural were a little puzzled on how to fix Kara. She had no powers whatsoever. She was kicked out and transferred from class to class until eventually they insisted Simra would be best to handle her.
“I am useless Simra, it’s the reason my parents left me, I am too weak, I’m a total liability”
Kara said one evening, during her martial arts class with Simra. She was the only who calls Simra by her name and somehow Simra didn’t mind.
“No you are not Kid, you are special, very special, a rare breed that has never existed on the surface of this planet and beyond, you are the first and last of your kind…”
Kara rolled her eyes when she heard the same old story Simra had always said to her. It was of no use, she knew Simra was trying to make her feel better.
“I get it Simra, you are just trying to make me feel better, look at me huh”
She made a gesture with both hands on her waist.
“Look at my eyes, I am nothing but a freak without powers, the other kids call me a weak devil, they treat me like an outcast! I have no one!”
The canvan necklace began to radiate, her powers that had been locked up for a few years were obviously bobbling and posing to let loose, but the necklace was the only bulwark standing in it’s way.
“You have me Kara, you always have me, I will always be there for you”
Simra could remember how the elders had criticized her decision to keep Kara.
“Are you mad Simra? Of all the kids you chose her? The girl is a demon, she would destroy us all! You of all people should know that, you know the prophesy, you know what it says!”
The elders had lamented bitterly and pushed for Kara’s execution but Simra stood her ground and insisted no harm must come to the lad.
“We can’t murder an innocent girl based on a prophesy! Leave her in my care, I would train and bring her up the right way, besides if we lay any hands on her, you know the priestess would burn this place to the ground” of course no one except Lia knew Sara, the priestess laid beneath the castle.
After much deliberation Simra won but was thoroughly warned to keep the lad in check.
“They are jealous of you and the special treatment I give to you, you are the most beautiful girl in the refuge, I am not saying this to make you feel better”
Kara chose not to give credence to Simra’s reassuring words, if she is as beautiful as Simra claims then she should be adorned, not ostracized.
Things changed when one evening someone touched her shoulder. His brown hair covered part of his eyes, his eyes were astonishly green, he was just like her father.
“Hey, emm, am Jason”
She could not tell if he meant good or if he was going to mock her like the others, but there was this strong connection she felt the moment he touched her shoulder, every fiber of her being reacted to his touch, there is something about him she could not explain and for a few minutes his right hand was left hanging till she realised and shook him.
“I am Kara”
“Kara you are beautiful”
Kara was at first pissed but then, she saw the sincerity in his eyes, he was saying the truth, she heard him say it but his mouth didn’t move, he only stood in front of her smiling nervously. Wait? Did she just read his thoughts? But she was told she had no powers?
“Emm, I have been watching you for a while now and emm, you are always alone…”
Kara didn’t see the need to reply him since he was stating the obvious.
“Sorry can I sit?”
It was a short bench and the moment he sat his shoulder met with hers and once again her body shivered and heated up at his touch.
Questions began to build up in her mind.
Who is this guy? And what does he want from her?
© Onyeneke Abel . November 2018 all rights reserved.
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