Jesus was very popular, but he lost the election conducted by Pilate. 

The election was between Jesus (the Saviour) and Barabbas (a robber) and Pilate represented INEC at the time. 

Barabbas the robber won and Jesus the Saviour of the world lost.

🤔 I have questions 🤔;

~ Where were the 5000 (women not counted) he fed?

~ What about the other 4000 men he fed too?

~ Where were the great multitudes (Mt4:25, Mt5:1, Mk5:24) that followed him and partook of his great ministry? 

~ Where were the 10 lepers?

~ Where were the lame, blind, deaf, dumb, leprous, withered hand, hemorrhagic and all those who were impacted by his ministry including the dead ones that came back to life, where were they?

~ Where was the family of Lazarus and that of Jarius?


That is the problem. 

The right people will not win election when believers refuse to participate in politics.
Prayer is good, but when it’s time to vote, it’s your votes that is counted not your prayer points!
Please go and *get your PVC* and *go out to vote on election Day*


God bless you all.
Evil Prevail when good men and women do nothing.

The man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, DSc, DD told us by the Spirit many years ago, that Nigeria will only be built by Nigerians. It’s time to make a change, be counted at this time.


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