Guess what?!
Your favorite story is now available in ebook!
You know I was asked a question. Which is your hit Novel?
I didn’t hesistate to name CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT as my hit Novel.
This story I wrote in my closet brought me out in the light. 

It was shared to every social platform.

To the extent I had more than 10persons claiming Author to this novel. Whoa, it wasn’t easy!
It was shared to what’s app groups, Facebook pages and groups, nairaland, coolval22 and every online naija story platform you can think of.
I had different people coming for permission to share the story, while many others went ahead to share to their various groups and pages. Wherever it was shared it made an hit!
Caught in the moment made my name! And it’s still making waves till now!
And so I thought, why not refine and re-edit this book and make it available for the public who has fallen in love with the story.
So yes! Caught in the moment is now at your doorstep. For those who do not know about this story. Here is a brief description.
“Bukky – the protagonist – flees the ordeal of an arranged marriage, just when vows were about to exchanged. This unexpected circumstance pathed the course for a life full of uncertainties. In a bid to start a new life, she migrated to Lagos with an empty pocket and a bag full of nothing.
She strives and find herself in her dream fashion house. But it is not as easy as she presumes, she is face with pressure, love, competitions and stiff opposition from her favorite enemy – Vodka.
But then it is just the tip of the iceberg, what happens when she is caught in the web of two men who happens to be brothers!
Caught in the moment is full of humour, yes it will make you laugh! full of suspense, you can wait to read what happens next! Full of drama, trust me, you would be watching a movie in words!
it’s for free until July 20th! Hurry and get yours now!

simply CLICK HERE to get your copy!

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