Davies froze in shock, he was a little confused on what to do, he sat puzzled for a while, staring at Coco’s perplexed face before he questioned in a whisper.”What do we do now?”
Coco was a little surprised at his calm reaction, she was expecting him to spite and totally embarrass her, like that’s how he is, the devil with no feelings.
“I really don’t know, I can’t stand now because my gown is all white, the crowd would surely notice”
She couldn’t tell what he had in mind, but his expression was full of concern. For a moment there she felt he had gone mute on the issue but he surprised her and took off his suit Jacket.
“Tie this around your waist”
He instructed and got a little distracted with the voice that rang from the podium. It was a middle aged woman on a dinner gown, they didn’t need a soothsayer to reveal she was the host of the party.
Her words went inaudible to Davies troubled mind, he was certain she had the Jacket tied around her waist to cover the back of her gown and shield the stained part before he stood up and picked her into his arms.
The white lady at the next table was first to notice and flushed at the romantic scene, or so it seemed. It didn’t take another minute to get the attention of the crowd, the cameras and the media. This is Davies King with a girl in his arms, it was a worthy news to spread across the big city. All attention was stolen from the podium and got fixed on him as he took his step gently out of the Hall.
“Is that our brother with Coco in his arms?”
Jake asked, he was flabbergasted at the sight.
Callis said next.
Davies ignored the crowd, he was fixed on Coco.
“Are you feeling dizzy?”
She shook her head, her lips were sealed, she didn’t want to make any comment that cause the spell to wear off, she was certain a spell might have come on Davies, because she didn’t believe this was the Davies she knew.
The crowd followed out to the car, he gently placed her inside and zoomed off.
“Are you ok?”
He kept asking till she got fed up and had to speak up.
“Davies I am not going to die, this is normal, it happens, I am a woman remember?”
He was quiet and concentrated on the car steering. Instantly she felt she had said too much.
“I didn’t mean to…”
“Its ok, you didn’t say anything wrong, this is normal, I shouldn’t over react”
He stopped the car before she replied.
“Ok, emm…”
He didn’t give her the chance to reply when he stepped out of the car. She tried to call out to him but later realised he was heading for a chemist shop.
“Are you serious?”
She questioned, she couldn’t stop the smile that graced her lips; he returned with a sanitary pad and some drugs.
“God this is so embarrassing”
She couldn’t help herself, she covered her face with her palm, she didn’t want to look at his face.
“It shouldn’t be, I am your husband remember? This is part of my responsibility”
She dropped her hands to look for sincerity in his expression and she found it.
“Thank you Davies”
He didn’t reply her, she felt it was weird but didn’t say anything else.
They got to the mansion and Davies was there again to pick her into his arms.
“Davies I can walk…”
“Would you please shut up?”
She apologized and swallowed a lump of saliva down her throat. She felt a little uncomfortable with his calm attitude. This wasn’t the Davies she was used to, she found it hard to believe, maybe he his trying to act like he really cares.
“Hold on, I’ll take your clothes off”
“What? No, I can do that myself, my hands are not withered”
She shot back instantly, where was he going with this? He wants to see her naked?
“I insist, I am your husband Coco, I have the right to see you naked”
He took a bold step and brought down the zipper to reveal her body to the dimple at her butt.
“Davies stop, I can…”
Her gown was all down before she uttered the next word.
She tried to keep the bra she had on, he was heading towards her and she didn’t like the fear that caused her heart to pounce hard.
He caught her and picked her into his arms, pulling off her bra and pant he picked her up and placed her in the bathtub, got the soap and ordered her to remain calm.
“I am your husband Coco”
He said as he soothed her skin with the soap and warm water.
“You belong to me”
She couldn’t tell what she felt at that moment but she was sure of one thing, her heart melted, her defenses crumbled, she tried to caution herself, she knew if he goes on like this, he might actually win this game, she might foolishly fall for him. She can’t let that happen, she must not.
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