Coco couldn’t contain the Joy she felt, she fathomed of how her new life would be. She would want to scavenge the city, catch lots of fun and adventures, but Davies was a bulwark and he slashed her dreams when he said.

“You would do none of that, you are here for business and that’s it”

She felt like rending his skin from his muscles. She took peeped out the car to view the lights and glory of the city, before she turned to him to let out her thoughts

“You are one cruel mister, ain’t you?”

As usual, her question was left unanswered.

“You’d be needing some good cloths”

She alighted from the car and stood in front of the biggest boutique she had ever encountered.


She made him stop when she folded her arms to explain that she was cold.

“And some thick jacket”

He spoke her mind, she chuckled in enthusiasm and held his arm.

“Hey, hands off”
“Come on, for Christ sake be a gentleman, how are we gonna act this marriage stuff, like how would we convince your Father that we are actually married if you are like this?”

He had wanted to counter her words, but it so appeared reasonable.

“Fine, but don’t take advantage of it”
“Oh of course handsome”

He shot her that look of can-i-trust-you?.

“What? It’s an harmless compliment, you’re handsome right?”

Straightway, they headed into the boutique, Davies dropped his credit card at the reception and walked her down to the ladies unit.

“Go on, pick whatever you want”

For a normal girl, sure she would want to be considerate. Not for Coco, the sound of his words drove the last resort of tranquility she had, she dived into action and selected more than she could carry.

“Good, change these rags into one of what you’ve bought”

He steered a feeling of spite in her.

“Wait excuse me? You just called my clothes rag?”
She questioned, thanking God within her that their deal ends in just a week.

“Yeah, you’ve been thinking you were putting on clothes, grow up girl”

He turned to the sales rep, totally ignoring Coco when she shut her eyes, tightened her grip and sighed in exasperation.

“Get me a good wedding gown”

He instructed, and after a few hours of painstakingly surveying thru a good number, he finally settled for one and instructed Coco, who had been waiting impatiently, to try it on.

She tied her hair together and pinned it neatly. There was no make up to fit with the dress, but she was sure her cute face would do the job for her.

She was out for observation, though Davies didn’t mean to, but the word


Escaped him subconsciously.

He realised himself and quickly made the correction.

“I mean…I mean, it’s good”

He felt stupendously vulnerable at that Moment.

“Oh come on, say the word homie, I am beautiful. And yes, you got lost with just a stare”

The sales rep tailing then from behind was there to confirm Coco’s words when she giggled and join in.

“Of a truth, she is beautiful sir”

Davies shot an inimical look at the sales rep that she had to apologize immediately.

“Am sorry sir”
“Alright, go change, Let’s get to the studio”

He started out of the boutique the moment he dropped the word.

“Are you serious? When do I get to rest?”

She murmured and quickly joined him in the car.

“Hey Davies, how did you plan all these?”

She was flabbergasted at the sight.

He had paid people to pose as friends and eye witnesses to the wedding.

After the studio pictures he took her straight to the wedding hall he had prepared.

It was all according to plan.

And it was falling in place.

Until when the evening came and but his efforts to naught.

He threw the documents to the the floor the moment he entered the hotel room Coco resided.


“My father discovered it was all fake, we would have to get married for real”

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