A supernatural experience: Ghosts exist!

So I have heard lots of stories about ghosts and all the supernatural beings, but I never imagined I would experience it too.
I never believed in ghosts, I believed they don’t exist, it is completely out of the ordinary. I mean the Bible says after death is judgment, so no ghost! This was my philosophy until that fateful day.
I went for a week holiday at my friend’s place. It was quite a relaxation spot, free from all the pestering talks of my parents.
We had mad fun and adventures till we got to an abandoned house. My friend warned it was abandoned because of the ghost lurking around.
I laughed my ass off.
“Ghosts don’t exist bro”
I said with a smirk and attempted to go in but he wouldn’t let me, he was going to raise an alarm so I pretended to agree with him and followed back to the house. Although, I resolved to go back and see for myself.
He later explained that a little girl was buried in the yard, she died of cancer. The parents abandoned the house when they complained her ghost paid a constant visit. No one approaches the house for fear of abuse.
It all sounded ridiculous to me, first of all, a small girl? A ghost? Ghost are for fairy tales and night stories. They don’t exist!
Still determined I stole out of the house that night, brave me right?
Straight to the abandoned bungalow, it was open so I gently pushed the door and entered, making some funny noises that echoed with no one giving a response.
Truth be told, I was a little scared, but I wanted to prove to my friend that ghosts to exist.
The voice called from behind me. I froze, my heart throbbed so fast that I could barely keep track of its beat.
I slowly turned to meet the girl with her Teddy bear, so innocent and little. She didn’t look dead, she looked alive and well!
I stammered in fear.
“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you, I just need someone to play with”
She came close and sat on the balcony, beckoning me to sit.
“You are dead right?”
I asked
She didn’t answer my question, Instead she asked.
“Do I look dead to you?”
I froze and took another 5minutes to find my voice.
“I need your help”
She said next, and there I stood with my hands crossed against my chest.
“My father made me like this, help me tell the world so I can sleep”
She dropped a key and viola! She was gone. The moment I noticed I ran for my life.
I got sick for weeks after the incident that I felt I was going to die, I couldn’t tell anyone what I saw, who would believe me. Until one day I came across a similar key and then I remembered. Quickly I called my friend to spill the beans. Hours back he called that they found the key at the balcony and that it was used to open a room of charms where the girl’s head was placed, still fresh even after months of her death.
Immediately after his call I felt well, the ailment disappeared. Her father was arrested and that night I saw her in my dream, she had a smile on her face and she said.
“Thank you”
Guys, don’t be deceived, I don’t know how the Bible puts this anymore but I am 100% sure of one thing, ghosts exist. They live among us!
This is my story.
If you have seen a ghost before, drop your comments and let’s us know your experience.

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