The time is now!

There are many things that comes to play at this potent phrase “the time is now”. At a quick glance one would connote it suggests an immediate action(i wouldn’t argue against this one) another would say it denotes avoidance of Procrastination(another awesome point). 

But if you take an in-depth look at the situation of the world, of the country and your personal life, you would agree that putting this phrase to action is taking an immediate, positive decision.

Now is the time to fight back, to be heard, to stop the killings of innocent Nigerians by fulani herdsmen! It pains my heart when i see human beings loaded in trucks like bag of beans, carted away for disposal like sewages. 

Its time for the people to be heard. The celebrities who have got the voices should speak up, musicians who have got the fame to sing a song, writers who has the talent should write a post, divided we fall, united we stand.
Now is the time to take your stand and pursue those dreams. You would achieve nothing by simply having dreams. You have to stop making up ideas, now its time to put those ideas to work, that’s how you get paid.

Now is the time to opt out of that abusive relationship. Being abusive is not only when he or she raises his/her hand to hit you. Being abusive also means they take your rights and freedom. What they want is final and must be adhered to even if it erodes your happiness. Being abusive is showing hatred to your family members. Being abusive is forcing you to do things against your wish. Being abusive is using offensive words that hurts on you. Being abusive is rape and then of course the moment they raise their hands to hit you.

Now is the time to let go of the past and embrace love. Love didn’t cause you loss, or heartbreak, loving the wrong person did. Stop passing blames and don’t lose your opportunity and push away those that are meant for you. Don’t let your past get in the way. Now is the time to reciprocate the love, don’t be scared, give it a try. Don’t hurt someone because you’ve been hurt before. Now is the time to let love in.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, life is too short. There is no perfect time, the time is now!

©onyeneke Abel .February 2018 all rights reserved.

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