Our misfortune started on that faithful and gloomy day, when Sleek went to eat at the biggest eatery in my town .
The governor’s daughter happened to be at the same eatery. Suddenly she sighted the tattoo at Sleek’s right hand. She couldn’t recognize any of us because during her stay with we were all masked. She also listenened to Sleek’s voice carefully for proper confirmation and when it sounded the-same with the one she heard when she was in our territory, she opted for the restroom to make a call and also to avoid being suspicious. She called her father which is my state governor and informed him of the latest. straightway a call was made to the commissioner of police in my state and thirty
(30 minutes later)
A team of police barged with their Hilux 502 car parked outside. The siren was off (you know Nigerian Police na (Executive Duty). The Governor’s daughter identified Sleek and he was apprehended with his girlfriend, and got locked behind bars.
After a month unbearable tortore, Sleek gave up all our information including our pictures to the police.
On that day, we are inside a hotel when I got the information from a reliable source that the policemen are coming to apprehend/capture us.
I went to inform Blade (who was busy flirting with a lady) about the latest new. We ran out of the hotel but unfortunately for us, we meet our doom. The policemen were already waiting for us outside the hotel. We opted for a blood thirsty gun battle and managed to gun down five policemen before Blade was shot at his left shoulder and I at my right leg.
We were apprehended, taken to jail and we were also charge to court.
On that sadden afternoon, my father got home earlier than before my mother was so surprise by the speed and agility of his car drove into the house garage. My father came out from his car impatiently.
“why are you this impatient? You forgot a case file or you mobile phone at home”? – my mother asked jokingly.
My father reply thus:-
“There is a big problem my dear, can you believe that your son Tony is one of those three guys that abducted the governor’s daughter.
On hearing this sad, misfortune, sudden and unbelievable news my mother collapse because of the tension and shock. She was rushed to the hospital. But she later gave up to ghost on their way to the hospital. You see how I indirectly killed my innocent mother? What a life of vanity.
After mourning on my mother’s death for one good month. Our (Blade, Sleek and I) case was charged to my father’s court as the Chief Judge of my State. My father remained adamant to have the case transfered to another court, despite all the pleas and attempts to convince him, he stood his ground.
My father came to visit us at jail, I seized the opportunity and pleaded my eyes out, promising to turn a new leave if I can be spared from this case. I beckoned him to gave me the last chance.
My friends were also begging him on their own personal behalf, that he should please help them to beg the judge in charge of their case to please free them not known that our decider is right standing here in front of us.
“you can use your influential and your power to turn this case to another dimension that will favor us na. sebi you be the Chief Judge of this state”. – Blade said boldly.
“And I bet you can’t watch your blood to being jailed without you doing anything”. – Sleek conclude Blade Statement.
My father left without saying a single word, not even revealing my mother’s death to me

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