Just A Taste (eBook alert!)

Author: Onyeneke Abel

Category: Fiction

Language: English

Description: My name is Nadia Serena and I am a professional cook. But before I got to this point in my life, I’ll have to disclose something to you; I got divorced after a week of a marriage well planned for four years! yea funny right? and I guess you want to know the reason why…Ease up now, I am here to tell you; I made a dish that landed my husband in an hospital! My life took a new turn afterwards, I dropped my career as a doctor to run after a whole new career, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to have vengeance on those who kicked me out like thrash (I wouldn’t blame them though) but still, I wanted to prove to them that I can actually cook. I enrolled in a food academy! I know you are happy for me, but things didn’t really go as planned, I found myself in a battle for power, Authority and a battle for the throne. Common now, lets read and travel this adventure together. But first, you must promise not to laugh!

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I am a writer, freelancer, ghostwriter, content developer. Okay hold on and think of any thing that has to do with a pen and paper. Yeah hold on. That's me in your thoughts. I am anything that has to do with a pen and paper!

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