Is your relationship at the edge? Bring back the spark with these five tips.

Things are different these days, with the constant work pressure and the constant race to earn money, we are losing connections with our loved ones. In today’s world, it’s hard to find time for one’s self let alone having quality time with our loved ones and this makes the relationship suffer.

It’s hard for couples to keep the relationship and work going at the same time. The struggle to keep both going most times leads to the collapse of the relationship.
Is your relationship on the verge of ending? Does it lack the spark it had earlier? Don’t lose hope as these five pieces of advice will help to revive your relationship.

Manage Your TIME: Try as much as you can to keep the work in office only and don’t bring it home. Once you are at home, your main focus should be on spending quality time with your spouse and children (if you are married). The short time you spend with your family would go a long way to save your relationship.

Learn to always APPRECIATE/COMPLIMENT: Every human being loves to be appreciated and complimented. Appreciation is the key to getting lost love. Both couples should appreciate and compliment each other whenever possible. Whether it’s on the dining table or on the bed, praise and compliment your partner for the good things he/she have been doing and this will definitely help you sail through.

Weekend FUN: Having fun with your partner/ family, goes a long way to rejuvenate the SPARK in your relationship. Plan a short trip with your partner and forget about work for some time. You don’t have to panic about the arrangement too. Just give the task to any travel agent and everything will be sorted out.

Try out NEW things: Of course, a dying relationship can be as a result of boredom and lack of adequate attention. This aspect must be considered in order to revive your relationship/marriage. You can relocate, go to birthday parties or a social organization together, just catch fun, try to bring back old memories from your stories and action, it will certainly help you to revive your relationship.

Get your partner a lovely gift: Have you ever had an argument with your partner and then tried to find the perfect gift to smoothen things over? While gifts are fun to give and receive, they also have much power to change the inner dynamics of a relationship. 

I wish you well and the best in your effort to revive your relationship

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