Moon Walker🌒

Sara kissed her normal life goodbye when she found out she is a saviour to an entire clan of the Moon elites and the planet earth.

Although her powers are great and infinite, her enemies would see she is put to nought. She falls in love with the son of the her immortal enemy “Gaza” a love forbidden and consequential to death!.

How tough it gets, when she faces Werewolves, vampires, demons, creptones and all supernatural beast of different terrifying thrist for blood and power. In her adventure, would she succeed? And when it comes to a path to choose. Would she choose love over the mission? Find out in Moon Walker. a story with intense war. Battles, powers unleashed, romance and love!

Be prepared!

Coming soon!

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I am a writer, freelancer, ghostwriter, content developer. Okay hold on and think of any thing that has to do with a pen and paper. Yeah hold on. That's me in your thoughts. I am anything that has to do with a pen and paper!

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