Just A Taste😋6


Just a taste😋

Episode 6

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Egyptian hawawshi😋

DANIEL: I never envisioned in this planned adventure of mine,that one rookie girl would have the guts to humiliate me to the cor..That morning I had woken up early, but as usual I took my time in the bathroom, forgetting I was not in the comfort of my spacious bathroom back home.. My roommate was so glad he had his bath before me..

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But then I heard the alarm and a senior was heading to our room already.. I couldn’t tell if it was a female or male, so I quickly reached for my trousers before the guy entered.. It was actually a male, but it would seem awkward to pull off my trousers in his presence.. The guy would not even let me do any other thing than put my white polo on and follow him out..Now I was breathing so hard, burning in flames..”that Nadia has touched the lion’s tail..ooohhhh and it gonna bite her hard, and chew her up..and crack her bones!”I ranted and paced to and froAkin, my roommate could only laugh and laugh till his eyes were red..”Dude what’s funny?”I asked with bitterness in my tone”Mehn, how are you ever gonna recover from this one.. I never knew you had a black ass until now..like she tore your trousers open and you didn’t know? Are you stiff or something?”His question was indeed one to ponder on..I wasn’t stiff, back there I was in another world..God, her scent..she smelt so good..

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The electrifying passion her body and skin were transacting.. Any guy in my shoes would feel the same way.. I was lostThere I go thinking of her again..No, I quickly waved the passionate part, back to my initial anger..”All interns report back to class”The instruction was normal..but was really abnormal to me.. Like two hours just ended like that? So soon? How do I face the group?NADIA: My mission wasn’t complete..and I was sure Daniel was gonna bounce back..Part of me warned”Nadia you are bigger than all these pranks na, I thought you left them in school”Eh, I did but the guy pushed me..We all gathered to meet Brenda, I was actually trying to spot Daniel..and I found him trying to sneak Into the Hall unnoticed..”Daniel, you are late”I announced..and in unison, just like they’ve been waiting for him to surface, they all burst out laughing..whispering among themselves until Brenda cut them shut”Pick your aprons and let’s get to work”She instructed and we followed..©onyeneke AbelI was getting scared now, Daniel red eyes were on me, to the extent I almost missed my steps”The name hawawshi would create an awkward dish in anyone’s mind who hears it for the first time, but be rest assured that it’s one of the most delicious pie you’ve ever had”Brenda started, I was paying full attention, this was what I paid the sum of 200thousand for..”Wilson, you.. I will show u shege”I thought and reached for the chopping board as Brenda requested and began the preparation-How to prepare hawawshi-Add flour, black pepper, salt and oil to a bowl and mix-mix very well-Add warm water and mix well with your hand-Now your dough is ready.. Divide the dough into parts just asyou want it ..but for this lesson, divide in 16 parts-now start preparing the vegetables, cut two big tomatoes..Note:without tomato seeds-cut two big green pepper-cut one big onion and one carrot and some chopped celery ifavailable-Add salt, black pepper, spiced boiled beef, and paprika to the beef-mix all chopped vegetables to the beef e.g carrot, tomatoes,celery and green pepper-Now divide the mixed beef Into the 16 parts like the dough-put on the table some of the oil to prevent it from being sticky and a ball of dough-roll out the dough as a circle-put your mixed meat in the middle-roll the meat ball as a circle-close the dough on the meat-put it in the oven (300) for 15 to 20mins- serve hot with vegetable saladWithin an hour we could all savor the aroma of the Egyptian hawawshi.. I was salivating already.. But then my stomach reminded me of our past struggle so I relaxed and took just one to eat..

©onyeneke Abel

Later that night, I actually found Joyce, my roommate to be interesting when I Met her crying..I wanted to ignore but she wouldn’t keep quiet”Aaarrrrggghhh!What’s wrong Joyce?”As if she has been waiting for the question”He broke up with me..after all we’ve been thru..after all this while”Oh, I was guessing it was that her lover boy she always called..and they would be using ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you too’to disturb my ear..judging from her explanation.. I was thinking their relationship would have lasted for years”How many years?”I asked as I sat down with her”Just two months”Her reply almost prompt me to pinch her mouth”Mtcheeeww, just two months and you are crying like a baby..my friend wipe those tears before I slap them from your face”With immediate effect she did when she saw my Stern face..I was thinking it’s high time I recruit a new gang in this academy, after all..its a school too..first I will recruit this cry baby, Joyce

©onyeneke Abel

I wasn’t foolish this time, I slept early, but never failed to thinkof what Daniel might be planning now..only for my phone to ring and disturb my precious sleep..I angrily snatched the phone and was about to switch it off when I recognise the number..It was Wilson..God should I pick this call?

Just A Taste


©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved

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