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Episode 3


DANIEL: Hey there! Come on now, don’t tell me you were expecting this story to be written based on just Nadia’s view, I am a part of it too..And just so you know, I am the guy who sat on her right hand side, and equally the guy who was the first to be blast by her thunderous fart. I should have minded my own business, till today she blamed me for making her laugh nervously. Was it my fault? I was just trying to help

©Onyeneke Abel

Ok let me explain how I got into the picture. My father died when I was just 8 years old. I was extremely devastated, not just for his death but because there was no one to defend mynonchalant attitude. I was left with my strict mum. The family has succeeded in setting up a massive plaza where both the whites and the blacks patronizes.It was a company inherited from generation to generation. And luckily I was the only son, so without much deliberation I knew I was next in line.

©Onyeneke Abel

There is just one fact, I hate cooking. I believe it’s a job for the women, come on! Am a man for God’s sake! But my mumwouldn’t agree”How can you tell if a food tastes well if you cant cook?”She always ask me when I try to defend my rightAnd so she enrolled me in “SERENA FOODIES” with a strict warning to keep my identity hidden from the public eye. No one must find out that I am the Son of The Kayode’s Kitchen else I would be given special treatment.I have my own plans though; there is no way I would stay in the dunk house for long. I miss my friends. I miss the clubbing, the beer and the girls..

©Onyeneke Abel

I am not ready to be a man yet, but that woman wouldn’t listen!And then I saw Nadia approaching the Hall, God! She was a beauty to behold. A tall sexy Damsel, her lips were full and juicy, her hips were so visible as she hurried into the Hall..she was so well shaped, with this her American pointed nose..InstantlyI swore to have her on my bed before I make my plans to escape from this prison. Just that I never imagined that she would blast me with that fart. Seriously, I need to confess.. For a minute or two there I couldn’t remember my present position. The stench could tell that she had eaten way too much. Just as I was about to scream with the crowd, a thought came to my mind.NADIA: You know that awkward moment when you feel like vanishing into thin air, I shut my eyes and just wished I would melt like ice. Immediately the devil broke free from my ass, it didn’t even hesitate, it went to work immediately..

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First it overtook the center roll, and then the left to almost thevery end. A Slow uproar was created, with different complains”Who did this now? Gosh!”The ajebo girls”Wetin be dis, who mess here”The ajekpako ones..The woman on the podium had to complain when she noticed the attention of the Hall was being divided, until the devil got to her, and made her confused.. She left the podiumand promised to be back in a few minutes©Onyeneke AbelCurses arises from different angles”Na God go punish that person, e yansh go block”Silently in my mind I was just pleading ‘God forbid’I had actually thought no one except the guy on my right knew I was the one who actually originated the confusion. Until the guy on my left planned to expose me”Why did you do this, even with all the beauty you can still disgrace yourself like this”On a normal ground, I would have slapped a tooth of his mouth, but I was guilty as charged, I refused to open my eyesand he was just about to expose me when the guy on my right tapped him and extended a bundle of cash to keep him quiet..©Onyeneke Abelwith my head still bowed I turned to spy at him..he had a smile on his face, just by a look I knew this one was a total pervert”Hi, I am Daniel.. And I just saved your ass”That’s great, but was I supposed to say Thank you?

Just a taste


©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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