Just A Taste 5😋


Just a taste

Episode 5

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DANIEL: I know some people might wonder if this wasn’t the same girl I had plans to woo to my bed.. Yes, it’s the same girl.. But my mission doubled when she made me feel like an infidel back in the hall.. I saved her from a big disgrace, a simple ‘Thank you’ I did not get, instead she shoved it right back at my face..For that she must pay.©Onyeneke AbelFirst I would make sure I frustrate all her efforts, and then finalise it when I have her on my bed.And so we all watched her as she looked around for a clean pot and was about to lit the gas to prepare a bowl of fruit salad! Hahahahahaha fruit salad, she was actually gonna cook it?NADIA: Ok guys, remember when I started this story, I urged you all to promise me not to laugh, even if it’s quite funny..©Onyeneke AbelNow imagine yourself asked to do what you don’t even have a glimpse of..just because of your ‘oversabi’I was dangling with both pots and frying pans..The Hall we assembled was equipped with all cooking utensils and a cooking gas.I could hear giggles from behind me when I lit the gas to put a pot of water on it”She is actually gonna cook us a bowl of fruit salad”Brenda said as everyone burst out laughing, like they had been holding it in for longWhat wrong? I was going to cook of course, I was perfectly sure when I was done, they would all be hospitalized.”Nadia, you don’t cook a fruit salad, you prepare it”I really didn’t understand still, until she gathered lots of fruits and carefully sliced them into a bowl”This is a fruit salad, a simple mixture of sliced fruits..quite different from the normal vegetable salad you know right?”©Onyeneke AbelI wasn’t paying attention, my red eyes where on Daniel, when he chose not to keep his mouth shut”So much for the madam who can cook anything”he saidThey all laughed again..I chuckled, If only Daniel knew Nadia..the top in her gang back in school..there is no mischievous act I can’t perform.. I was gonna make him pay”Get your jotter ready..We have lots of African dishes..but I would be listing 3 we would practice for the week..first is-Hawawshi: its a food eaten in EgyptIt is meat minced and spiced with onions and pepper, parsleyand sometimes hot pepper and chillies..placed between twocircular layers of dough, then baked in the oven-Funkaso: A dish from NigeriaIt is a dish of millet pancakes, containing millet, butter and sugar..best eaten with a cup of tea-Banga soup, widely eaten in Nigeria and cameroun ..it’s a soup made from palm nuts and it’s primarily eaten in the southern and mid western”©onyeneke AbelI wasn’t really paying attention, in fact I was getting bored with the whole talk, let’s just get to the practical stuffShe pursed and made sure she had our attention before she continued”Now I want you all to pay absolute attention, because at every end of the week, there is an inter group challenge, and these foods am gonna teach, any of you might be chosen to prepare it”As soon as my ear picked that, it stood in full attention..What if they now decide to pick me.. ‘Hmm, I reject it in Jesusname”After Brenda had finished all her boring lessons..we were given a break that would last for two hours..Immediately I heard that I stood up, hurried and quickly caught up with Daniel©onyeneke Abel”Hey, Daniel..”He stopped, and I could see how his expression brightened, he was actually smiling..”It seems I have offended you, please am sorry”He was about to say something but I was quick to hug him..When I was done with my mission I attempted to let go but he held me still, sniffing my neck like how those Calabar dogssniff expired bones..His grip was becoming too tight, perhaps too passionate..Before eyes begin to linger on us I pinched his arm and got myself free’Stupid boy, you want to tap current you did not pay for’I said in my mind, but as normal now, I smiled at him”I will be going now”I said and made sure he turned to go before I called out”Hey Daniel, your shorts is torn o, I can see your ass from overhere!”He was shocked”What?!”He grabbed his butt to discover his trousers had been torn open..Not just our group now, but everyone who were in our floor could see this..they laughed their bellies off, some even took pictures and videos as he ran offI had snatched a blade from my talkative roommate and gently put the big line down his trousers.. The guy was not even on boxers, bad for him..Hahahahahaha, perfect for me!Just a tasteContinues

©onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all rights reserved..

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