Just A Taste 8😋


Just a taste

Episode 8

DANIEL: I was back in the comfort of my bed. Akin was fast asleep already and I was so happy for that.

I had planned to call All my side chicks that night, and I didn’t want any interruptions.

But then, my mum called. The most devastating call I could ever think of at that moment. It took me another 5minutes, and an endless dials after 4missed Calls, to finally pick the call.

But then it wasn’t my mum on the line.

My heart missed, did something happen to her?

“Hello, Daniel?”

I frowned now, it was my uncle. We where never in good terms, I just feigned to flow along with him. I knew he had eyes for my place in kayode’s kitchen.

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You can imagine that guy trying to steal what he didn’t work for. And I know quite well, that the only way he would achieve that is if am dead

“Yes, Uncle?”

He was actually whispering.

“I just found out something, I’ll text it to you. Your mum confiscated my phone because of this”

He ended the call, keeping me in hot suspense. Like water heated for more than 30minutes

NADIA: You know how God works? How he picks the neglected and good for nothing, just to shame the enemy?

That was my testimony. A private teacher? My hopes were so high. I forgot to ask her name. I forgot to ask her aim? I forgot to ask for the prize in return.

I forgot that all favor comes with a prize.

I got back thru a secret tunnel she led me thru..

I was back in my floor within few minutes

“See you tomorrow, 7pm. Same place”.

She smiled at me. Although I was a bit nervous. It seems she knows too much? Who is she? How did she even know about this tunnel?

Why she working as a cleaner with such a extravagant apartment?

All these questions welled up in my mind as I watched the grin on her face.

But then, I smiled back

” Thank you ma”

Two days was for Banga soup.

As I approached, I was wondering what Daniel would look like now.

I had succeeded in recruiting two more girls to my crew.

And our most dreaded rule which enacts outright expulsion from the crew was

“Absolutely no one! No one! Is allowed to fall in love with any guy in this academy”

We’ve all been cheated by the man we gave our hearts too, in one way or the other.

And so as I wrote love out of my dictionary, I expected them to do the same

“Is it just me, or Brenda looks smaller today?”

Ok that’s Jenny, the critic. She finds fault in anything.

“Emm, Jenny I think your eyes has grown black feathers”

Sharon said, we couldn’t help but laugh.

That’s Sharon, the comedian.

I guess you all know Joyce. The talkative. And she had to get us in trouble 

“Joyce and emm Nadia.. You four, you would represent us in this weekend’s competition”

Brenda announced.. She has been noticing Joyce blabbing to the ends of the earth.

It was then I remembered the old woman.. I had completely forgotten.

After the boring lessons, with a promise to go Into the practical the next day. I tried to search for Daniel. He didn’t attend that day lessons.

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7pm that night I hurried to the old woman’s apartment..I almost lost my way but then when a guard shouted at me again. I instantly remembered.


I called.

What I saw next, well.. I wouldnt call it cooking. She was manifesting. She had a scotches egg in her pan. A bread in her hands.

Like a speed of lighting she threw the fried egg up. My eyes went wide, of course it’s gonna fall, but then she caught it with her pan.

She threw it again and this time caught it in between her bread.

I took my steps towards her. Her circus show was alluring all my senses.

She poured a little quantity of oil into the pan and added vegetables: 

Tomatoes, garlic, green pea, green pepper,  cabbage and a pinch of salt.

While it steamed she placed the bread with the egg in it. Straight into another pan with oil and used a big spoon to compress it.

She was actually toasting it. But she had a toaster, I could clearly see it. Why didn’t she use it.

She looked back to her steamed vegetables, poured it out into a ceramic plate and placed her bread beside it. she had a boiled coffee already, so it took her a minute to prepare a coffee tea which she added a tin peak milk too

My dear readers..I was SALIVATING..

I swallowed hard countless times and licked my lips subconsciously.

She acted like she didnt even see me..

“Hello madam”

She stopped eating to look at me

“Welcome, you are prepared for your lessons?”

I nodded. And God knows I prayed so hard to just have a bite. If I had known this would happen, trust me.. I would have fasted and prayed ahead.

But to my greatest surprise, this woman downed the food, to the last crumb, she dried the cup and made sure there was no drop remaining. And then she turned and extended the dirty plates to me

“Let’s start with you washing the dishes”

My head went loosed

What? You must be kidding me!

Just a taste


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